About Us

Bait 28 was established in 2013 when owner, Heather G. realized there was no one place to find trendy, yet classic essentials online. While part of the fun in shopping is "fishing," the other part is "baiting" and Bait 28 achieves that in one easy to navigate site. We represent a demographic of women ranging from early adulthood on up, transitioning from teeny trends to classic designs with impeccable edge. 

When asked what makes a 'look' special, Heather uses one word, balance.  "Balance is everything."   It is that fine line between baring it all and covering up. Bait 28 allows you to make such balanced purchases by offering pieces that allow you to mix and match.  On top of that, we show you how to do it.

Bait 28 carries closet staples that will transform a look effortlessly, while remaining affordable.  It is not always about what label you wear, it's about how you wear it. 

- Bait 28

get hooked.

Bait 28.com is a twenty-four hour/ seven days a week, one stop shop!  We stand by our product! With normal wear, our items will not fall apart or loose its shape.  Our mission is to provide quality apparel, accessories and customer service. Shop with certainty!

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